Friday, February 14, 2014

Secret Admirer Exchange

Happy Valentine's Day 
from the Curtain Call Crew!

Some of the crew gals exchanged Valentine goodies and whipped up some LOVEly projects to share with you today!

Stacey's card with goodies from Kim!

Amy T's card with goodies from Sheri!

Tenia's card with goodies from Stacey

Gayatri's card with goodies from Tracey

Not one,

Not even two....

but, THREE of Kim's cards with goodies from Gayatri

Not just one, 

but, two of Monika's cards with goodies from Tenia

Not just one...

but, two of Sheri's cards with goodies from Monika

And then we have our ultimate overachiever...

Here's one... (cupcake toppers!!!)

And two...


Four... (a lunchbox note - SO sweet)

Five of Tracey's cards with goodies from Amy T!!

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